Travel day!

Happy almost Friday!

I always like travel days because they break up the week and I get a break from the day to day routine. I do love routine, however, balance is key. I used to really dislike the travel my work brought on because it would totally throw of my diet and exercise. I now find myself in a place where “diet” is defined by how I regularly eat and not a current fad or short, extreme period of food restriction. I have a healthy lifestyle with a maintainable weight and I actually WANT to get my workouts in because I always keep it fresh with fitness.

When I say travel, it could mean a out of the country for training (I live in Canada but work for a US based company). It could also mean a few hours away, in or out of province. Yesterday I drive ~4 hours to visit a new account that I will be taking over. In my first post I mentioned that I am a chemical engineer working as a technical service rep. I sell specialty chemicals to the pulp and paper industry. Yeah, that does sound kinda cool doesn’t it? 😉 I stayed the night to get a full day of testing and meetings in today. I don’t look too cool when I go to work but practicality > fashion when it comes to working in a pulp mill 😉


No hard hat or respirator here so you ain’t seen nothin yet 😉

When I started this job a year ago I remember saying that I would LOVE to try P90x2 with the vegan diet option. A co-worker immediately deemed this option “impossible” while working a job like this with so much travel and most account locations being in small towns or remote areas. Of COURSE this made me want to do it even more… but I was hesitant. I needed time to make small changes if I was to achieve and maintain a happy, vegan lifestyle. Today I am proud I say I am 1.5 months vegan and 4.5 months vegetarian. It isn’t anywhere near impossible and the support I’ve received from the local mill and town personnel is more than I could have imagined. As for travel meals… this is how I start a day in a hotel:


BAM! Packet of oats with a mashed banana and topped with some granola. Healthy, quick, vegan. There was not one thing impossible or even as much as difficult about this meal. Lunch wasn’t what I would call difficult either but it can get boring eating veggie wraps and garden salads at the pubs that my male co-workers love to visit. It’s not like we eat at pubs everyday so I make do… today they grilled my wrap for an extra special touch and it was AH-mazing! It’s the little things… 😉

So off I went to do some polymer jar tests and try to sell some chemicals!


And on my 4 hours commute back to Freddy town, I re-listened to some of my FAVE podcasts from Colleen Patrick-Goudrea. If you are even considering vegetarian or as much as making a healthy lifestyle change, you must check her out: I’m sure I will post about my love for Colleen another day. As if I wasn’t already feeling blissful about getting the blog started and having a great day at “the office”, the little things strike again…


Truly the find of the week! Karma wellness water. Check out that B vitamin content!! HIYA!  You press the top to release the vitamin pouch into the water. So.Cool. This really woke me up and had me blabbering on like a crazy person to my mom on the phone during one of our usual in-car phone calls!

So now I’m off to munch of this organic Lundberg rice cake… oh my god! Who knew that rice cakes could be so amazing? Sorry Quaker but you and I are over. I found a rice cake with WAY more pizzazz andgoodness ❤


Coming up… a post on MY kinda fitness 🙂 G’nite!

E xo


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