eat, drink & be vegan!

Another weekend comes to and end…

But a great weekend it was 🙂 Friday night the boy and I took it outside for some fitness with our new tennis rackets! We decided to find an outdoor activity to get us some extra exercise and outdoor time during the summer.


But of course I still got my Friday night Hot Athletica in (a mix of power yoga and cardio in a heated room – cray cray!). I bought a flex pack at Dynamic Fitness and I’m in love ❤ I’m usually pretty wiped by the end of the week so when I can I like to take it easy on Friday night and save myself for Saturday. That way I can get up and off to BodyStep at 9 am which is my current favorite way to get in my Saturday morning sweat 😉


Saturday evening we headed to Saint John to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I was looking forward to dinner at my FAVE Thai restaurant all week. The yellow curry was everything I had imagined and more 🙂 Dinner was followed by wine and a games night and I picked up these little gems from the local farmer’s market –


Hell. Yes. The two with the purple icing dots are vegan. Thank YOU Boyce Farmer’s Market 🙂 I had been eyeing these little babies all year but I was holding off on the sweets until I reached my winter fitness goal.

Sunday morning was a wee bit rough (requiring 2 coconut water ;)…) but we made it back in time to get the cooking out of the way before the Leaf’s game 😉 I like to prep meals for the week on Sunday so we don’t have to cook in the evenings since we both hit the gym after work and get home late in the evenings. Having dinners ready to go gives us time to ourselves (to relax or go out) before bedtime rolls around again. I recently purchased eat, drink & be vegan! by Dreena Burton. I saw lots of talk about her recipes on the blog world and wanted to spice things up in the kitchen. I made the Sweet and Sour Sweet Potato and Tempeh recipe which is on the menu for later this week. It smelled amazing…


I also made the Orange Sesame Tofu, Coconut Lime Rice, and the “Honey” Mustard Vinaigrette. We had that tonight and I was freaking out over the tenderness of the tofu! I haven’t been very successful in the tofu department lately… it always ends up really dry or tasteless but baked in this deliciously tangy marinade it was just the confidence boost I needed to keep trying the weird white stuff 😉


My official taste tester gave it a 10 🙂 So now we’re off to watch the Leafs (hopefully) win and relax before a big work week. I have a chemical trial coming up at my main account who is also hosting Atlantic PAPTAC 2013 this week! I will be golfing, attending presentations, and having a little fun while juggling the trial and keeping healthy choices in mind. Glad my meals are prepped and GoodLife has BodyPump at 5:45 am 😉

Have a great week fitness ninjas! See ya with a post early this week on how I do fitness.

Much love,

E xo


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