How I Do Fitness

I do fitness like it’s my job…

But it’s not, so I do it like it’s my #1 hobby 😉 But let’s get real… I wasn’t always this way.

As a dancer, the gym was neither required nor desired. I had a slim figure and rockin’ abs without evening trying. Don’t you hate those people? Cheerleading was the perfect compliment to dancing plus I was an active person in general.


When I needed to get a job in high school I couldn’t continue with both cheer and dance. To make a long story short, I got a job at a fast food restaurant and cut my activity level in half. If energy in > energy out, you don’t need to be an engineer to know what happens next…

Fast forward to  my first year of university. The number on the scale was trending upward and I had no idea how to go about getting my dancer’s body back. I joined a small local fitness center and started attending Tae-Bo and step aerobics classes two nights a week. This was my license to eat seconds of macaroni for dinner and brownies before bed. The scale stayed the same and I was OK with that.

I knew the owner of the fitness center from the Tae-Bo classes he provided our cheer team and gym classes in school. He told me one night he thought I had a lot of fitness potential and asked when I would start lifting weights. I said never. Little did I know…

FFwd again to the end of my first year. I still remember the first day I met Bill to work out in the weight room. I guess he got me hooked because I spent the entire next year working out with him regularly; lifting heavy, killing my glutes on the stationary bike, and running laps around the dam across the street. I lost 15 lbs and felt amazing. I still remember him saying to me, “You look great but you will never get any further until you stop putting the icing on your chocolate cupcakes”. Right he was. The scale didn’t move for years after.

I owe my fitness beginnings to Bill, but I took what I learned from him and started working out on my own at the university gym. It was free and I liked to workout between or before classes to have the evenings to myself. When away on co-op work terms I joined small local gyms and continued to do my own thing: machine cardio, outdoor running, and workouts from Women’s Health or Shape magazines. I was happy but I still longed for my dancer’s body. Progress was nil until I moved to Toronto for an 8 month term and decided to try Insanity.


I remember our McDonald’s binge the night before we started. My boyfriend did the program with me and we followed the diet to a tee (minus the ice cream cake on his bday ;)). It was the first time I broke my plateau of 2 years. I couldn’t wait to do something else… P90x! We moved right into the program and started on the diet but I found my energy levels were <0 when cutting carbs just after our 2 month Insanity craze. Around this same time, I really started to focus on logging calories as much as logging gym time, and on a crappy note my boy moved back to Nova Scotia 😦 What else was a girl to do but dive into fitness?! I followed my own diet and after completing the program reached my lowest weight since taking the fast food job!


I moved back to finish my senior year of engineering feeling like a million bucks. I had a whole new appreciation for healthy food which was a major factor in me reaching and maintaining my goal. But what would I do without a Beach Body program? Well luckily, Britt (my BFF and Chem E. partner in crime) came across We did these workouts together religiously in year 5 and I loved every minute of it.


That summer,  after a month of living home with my mom, a grad trip to Florida, and moving to a new city I was falling off the wagon… I found it hard to be motivated to BodyRock without Britt and I needed a plan! I had been putting off a membership at GoodLife Fitness (Les Mills) though it seemed ALL of my friends loved the place… I had been getting fit for free for nearly free for this long, why would I pay for it now? Not to mention I had to sign a contract for a YEAR. Come ON!

By September 2012 I saw those numbers trending upward again and I bit the bullet. Best. Decision. Yet! I was in love with BodyPump and BodyAttack. I didn’t think anything could compare to insanity but Attack rocked my world. After a few months I also got into BodyStep and I am hooked. I still work out in the weight room on my own when I can’t make a class, but I do everything I can to fit the classes into my schedule.



However, 5 Les Mills classes per week can wear on your bod… Enter hot yoga! An amazing girl I met through GoodLife introduced me to Dynamic Fitness. I incorporated 1 night per week of hot yoga to my routine and I’ve seen huge benefits in recovery time, flexibility, mindfulness, and overall wellness. I am hooked!

The current chapter of my fitness journey is closely linked to a major commitment to healthy eating. In January of 2013 I watched a film called Hungry for Change. It sparked an interested in food quality > quantity… nutrition > calories. This new found outlook coupled with the realization that if I wanted to finally reach my ultimate goal, I had to suck it up and STICK TO IT. Not for a day. Not for a week. Not even for a month. For life. See my Food page (coming soon) for the most important factor in all of this ❤

So there you have it… Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the temple that is your body. It’s been a long journey for me and I don’t think I would be here had I done it any other way. I needed time to learn what worked for me. Most importantly, I need to have something I enjoy. My current love for Les Mills classes is mostly because of the people and the energy in the room. The instructors are ahh-mazing and I met some really great people 🙂


I promise you I am just your average girl. If I got here then you can too! I once dreaded my workouts and often threw caution to the wind for a bag of cookies. What you can’t forget is WHY you do it. I did it because until I was happy with myself, I wouldn’t be happy with anyone else. So get back up, gorgeous! YOU are the only one who can change you! And YOU are ultimately in control of your own happiness ❤

IMG_1592 IMG_1602

 “We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle.

Find what motivates you. Don’t ever give up on yourself ❤

E xo


4 thoughts on “How I Do Fitness

  1. I’m totally hearing your cue on adding in the hot yoga. I need it back in my life. I was a total junkie in Halifax, but me and my body are missing it now!

  2. When I started reading this post I thought “I better be mentioned in here somewhere..”
    So glad to have been a part of your fitness journey, and to have had you be such a part of mine!!

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