We’ve Got The Advantage

Hey ya’ll,

I’m feeling pretty good for a Monday 🙂 Today was the start of my extended chemical trial at my main account.


In my About Me page I tell you I’m a chemical engineer working as a technical sales rep. I service the pulp and paper industry with specialty chemicals (check out Ashland Water Technologies). To keep things simple, our Next Gen “Advantage” line of defoamers has been achieving some major success lately. I bet most non-pulp and paper folks have no idea how much foam can be generated by cooking wood chips (another day, another post… 😉

photo 1

I’m SUPER excited to have the chance to test it out at my account. We are trialing the new product against one of our old Advantage products so it won’t be a win over a competitor but still, continuous improvement is a win-win for both myself and the customer 🙂

Days like today always seem to require a lot of running around, testing, monitoring data and talking with everyone involved. I got on the go first thing to get some entrained air data. The amount of entrained air in the pulp stock is a good indication of how well our defoamer is working.



With a physically demanding job (and 64 stairs that I climb 7092375 x per day) a girl requires some serious #fitfuel to keep her going! The guys at work joke a lot about how I never stop eating but I am most efficient when eating small meals every 2-3 hours. I gotta start my day with something energy packed like PROats or a giant smoothie. I am currently on a #smoothieaday challenge for the month of May. I never imagined I would be so in love after being  pretty much oats or nothing for years!

photo 2

I put together my lunch/snacks for work the night before. I usually roll with fruit and a homemade bar in the mornings, a giant salad for lunch, and veggies and hummus in the afternoon. I tried to keep track of my eats everyday… otherwise as calorie intake –>infinity, progress = 0! Yeah, I like to eat 😉

photo 3

photo 4

Buy yourself a cute little notebook. It makes it much easier 😉

I’ll be posting about my work week which will get a lot more fun when PAPTAC starts. Despite my jam packed schedule I will be squeezing in those Les Mills classes no matter what! Today I hit up some evening BodyPump and tomorrow night is my favorite class – Tuesday night BodyAttack  🙂 The remainder of the week will require a few 5:45 am sweat sessions but it’s worth to get it in and still participate in the evening events. Unfortunately Friday mornings only offer RPM (the ONE class I cannot get into). That brings me to my next post…. 🙂

Stay tuned for one of my do-anywhere workouts! If you’re joining me Friday, be sure to drink your greens 😉

E xo


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