Ghosts, Greens & Graduation!

Last week we celebrated the bf’s graduation from Holland College by getting our families together at a cottage for the weekend. I found us a cute little place in Point Prim about half an hour from Charlottetown. The Rusty Anchor was a fairly new cottage but filled with antiques, each with notes about the stories behind their history.

May 27 019

We joked about the place being haunted because so much of the decor was from the old Point Prim church, school house, etc. but I convinced myself there was no way it actually was. It was too new. However, it seemed everyone had some type of freaky experience while we were there.

The day we left, Ryan told a friend from the island where we’d stayed. He didn’t mention anyone’s creepy experiences or that we contemplated it being haunted… his friend later told us that when he mentioned to his mom where we stayed she immediately stated that this place is KNOWN for being haunted; that it was featured on the news for being haunted! Yep, I’m getting chills just thinking about the night I went up to bed early… alone… :/

May 27 022

Despite being a bit creeped out at night, we had an awesome weekend 🙂 There was lots of grilling of the vegan and non-vegan sort. BBQ Tofu, Yves veggie dogs, and loads of veggies pour moi… salmon, steak,  and burgers for the rest of the lot… and a mediocre McCain chocolate cake because someone forgot the ice cream cake. Womp.

May 27 028

May 27 042

I also packed my blender and picked up the ingredients for some green monsters since all the girls wanted to try one. The verdict? SUCCESS. They all wrote down the recipes to take home 🙂

Of course a few drinks were had. The grad made his specialty rum drinks with OJ, sprite and cranberry juice. I put a spin on mine requesting mostly coconut water with a little OJ and cran. It would’ve been amazing with pineapple juice!

May 27 009

Due to the wide variety of delicious food and drink that I knew I would not be passing up (vegan nachos? yes please!) I was sure to be up for a run before everyone got on the go.

photo 1

I ran down to the Point Prim lighthouse, which looking back would have been SUPER freaky if I had ghosts on the mind. I’m glad I didn’t because it was gorgeous early in the morning before the wind picked up. Not to mention, I haven’t seen the ocean in ages!

photo 7

photo 6

Later that day we all walked up to the beach to check out the water. I in my rubber boots and my crazy bf in his bare feet :O

May 27 037

It was SO nice to have (almost) everyone together. We were missing a few key people because of work and other commitments but I can’t wait to do it again! I am so lucky to have such an amazing second family as a bonus to my already amazing boyfriend.

May 27 033

May 27 036

I am SO inexlpicably proud of my man for graduating! He worked pretty hard for this and it’s been a long time coming. Whatever comes next I will be right beside you just like you’ve been beside me through my last 3 wacked out years of engineering 😉 Oh and did I mentioned this week was our 3 year anniversary? Yep, and he’s still with me… imagine that 😉 This blurry iPhone pic is all I got till my mom shares her photos.

photo 4

Amazing weekends always end too soon </3. We were wishing we had one more night the whole drive home (at an un-haunted location, of course haha) but we saw some pretty cool sights on the way. The sunset was like a fire in the sky in Salisbury

photo 11

And a sun shower left us with a rainbow for which this picture does not do justice

photo 12

Hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend whether it was a long one or not! I know Canada had its holiday last Monday but I kinda got 2 long weekends in a row due to the grad 😉

Up next… Tips for staying on track this summer (or any season for that matter!)

E xo



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