New Blog Title: Lizzie Fit!

Hey Guys,

I’ve decided to change my blog title from Fitness, Food and Engineering to Lizzie Fit. It’s short & sweet and I feel it suits the blog a bit better. Lizzie is a longtime nickname of mine and I think most of my friends will agree ā¤


I’ll share the news on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I hope you all stick with me in the future. I wanted to make the change now before I risked losing too many followers!

Lots of food and fitness to come! Thanks for following šŸ™‚

Liz xo


2 thoughts on “New Blog Title: Lizzie Fit!

  1. Ha Ha Ha “Lizzy”. I used to call you that all the time and I remember someone saying, “Don’t be calling her that; it will stick!” Well guess what???? Now I guess I’ll just call you Lizzie Fit….:-)

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