Time for a Cleanse

I finally bought a real juicer! The Breville Ikon, recommended by Kris Carr!


After all of the books, documentaries, and podcasts I’ve been through lately, I really wanted to try a juice cleanse. I’ve been doing morning juices and really cleaned up my diet since becoming vegan but I wanted a total detox. I was lead to Jason Vale’s “7 lbs in 7 days” and decided it was perfect. It’s known as the simplest, most effective juice detox in the world!


  1. I am not doing this cleanse with the intention of losing weight. I am in it for the health benefits 100%.
  2. This is NOT a crash diet. This is a whole foods detox plan that will leave you fully nourished and prepare you for a healthy lifestyle afterwards 😉

The program consists of 7 days of consuming nothing but juiced/blended whole fruits, veggies and natural supplements (wheatgrass, spirulina and probiotics). No caffeine, no alcohol, no preservatives, no toxins! Cleansing allows your body to focus on healing areas that are ignored while the focus is on the immediate toxins. We can’t even begin to imagine the crap that’s deeply stored between fat cells and throughout our digestive system after years of use and abuse.

So I decided that this was the week. I went to Chapters for the book but there were none in stock. It was a blessing in disguise because the iPhone app turned out to be amazing and was only $6.99 on iTunes!

photo 2

The app includes the schedule, the recipes, videos of JV showing how to make the juice, plus daily audio coaching, testimonials and tips on how to get into the “mental juice”. My favorite part?! The shopping list generator! Check the days you want to shop for and a list of foods and quantities is created. So. Cool.

So I hit up the SuperStore for supplies on Sunday


Then I got to juicing! Below are the ingredients for 2 Super Juices (supplements not pictured).


I made enough to get me through the following day at work. I just refrigerated them overnight then put them in a cooler with ice packs to take on the road. They were massive and soo delicious!


I made my 5th juice when I got home, while prepping juices for day 2. I was much more efficient the second time around where I was familiar with the recipes.

There are 5 juices a day plus hot lemon water in the morning and a hot apple cinnamon drink at night Mmm 🙂 You are encouraged to drink lots of water and you can have herbal teas (naturally decaf). It’s also suggested to work out to help keep lots of oxygen flowing through your bloodstream and aid detoxification. The juices are packed with nutrients and they are pretty big so you will feel full and energized. JV says if you feel hungry it is a mental hunger or just habit. I say he’s right. The Super Juice has about the same amount of calories I would eat for a regular breakfast (300-400).

photo 1

I just completed day 1 it was a success for sure! I wasn’t any hungrier than I am on a normal day. I went to BodyPump and felt totally normal all day at work. I found when my hunger pangs came around it was just about time for another juice anyway.

So here I go into 6 more days of cleansing… I will post an update mid-week and a recap at the end. If you have any questions email me at lizziefitblog@gmail.com and I will try to cover it in the recap post. Interested but think 7 days is too long? Try 5 lbs in 5 days, or even 3 lbs in 3 days. Too short? You can add the 14 day plan to the 7 day app for only $1.99.

Happy Juicing!

Liz xo


10 thoughts on “Time for a Cleanse

  1. Good Luck to you!!!!! I’ve done it a few times in the past for no longer than 4 days the first and last days are the hardest but you feel so great after its totally worth it. Looking forward to your check in 🙂

    • Thanks for the luck! For some reason your post went to my spam inbox and I am just seeing it now 😦 I fixed for future posts and appreciate the support!! ❤

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