Half Juiced: Cleanse Update!

I am officially halfway through my juice cleanse! If you missed how I got started or what program I’m following see my intro post here! I figured I’d do a real time, half-way point update to let you all know that I’m still alive, this isn’t crazy, and if I can do this so can you 🙂



How am I feeling?

It’s Day 5 and I feel great! Day 4’s audio coaching said it should be the last day for headaches if you have any but most likely they will be gone at this point. On Day 2 I did have a slight headache at times and felt a bit tired but I was back to myself on Day 3. It was definitely a bit of a mental game in the beginning where I kept saying to myself, “am I hungry?”, “do I feel weird?”, because I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I just relaxed and went about my business I didn’t feel any different at all 🙂

Am I hungry? 

Surprisingly, no. The juices are very filling and one juice is about 2 cups in size. Because they give me all of the nutrients I need, my body is sending hunger signals to my brain to search for food. Day 2, again was a little tough… I was checking the clock often waiting for my next juice but I often do this on a regular day.  Day 3 I woke up a little hungry and was worried it would be another tough one but I kept busy at work and juice time seemed to pop up before I knew it. The key is keeping your mind busy!


Have I been working out?

Of course. The program encourages regular exercise to help keep oxygen flowing and aid detoxification. Have I been pushing myself to my usual max? No. I reduced my weights slightly at BodyPump on Monday and took some low options in Tuesday’s BodyAttack. Wednesday night I took a hot yoga class and it was perfect in every way. I plan on finishing the week with more yoga and some light weights!

Did I cheat?

No. It’s only 7 days… cheating would make this a total waste of time. Did I consider it? Yes, but I reminded myself – 7 days, Lizzie!


Is it time consuming?

No more so than prepping my usual lunches and dinners. Actually I think I have more time on my hands.

Is it expensive?

Again, no more so than my usual grocery bill. Think of all the things I’m not eating: protein powder, nuts, dried fruit, cereal, oats, chocolate, almond milk, etc. Yes I had to make an initial investment to purchase the ingredients for the cleanse but the things I normally use on a daily basis will be right there waiting for me when I finish this. The supplements were a bit pricey but I’ve been wanting to incorporate wheatgrass and a probiotic into my repertoire anyway 😉

photo (16)

But what do they juices taste like?

Umm amazing. How can something with fresh pineapple and apple juice not taste like a little sip of heaven? I love fresh juice and with the added creaminess of avocado, yogurt or banana it might as well be a dessert!

How do others respond?

The first response from most has been, “Oh I could never do that”. But honestly, anyone can do this. Once I reassure people it’s not a restrictive crash “soup” diet and the Jason Vale program ensure you are well nourished they come around a bit. Most people are just afraid of what they don’t know. A very short time ago, while reading Crazy, Sexy Diet, I looked at my bf and said “I just couldn’t to a cleanse with my job”. And here I am… working and cleansing. Go me 🙂


It’s not that crazy. It’s just drinking juice instead of eating meals. You are getting all of what you need and none of what you don’t. Some crazy people out there don’t even eat breakfast or eat only 2 meals a day. Now tell me how filling myself with 5 nutritious juices is crazy?!

If you think this is something you could get into… check eBay or Kijiji for a juicer. You don’t need a top of the line model if you aren’t sure its for you. Decent brands are also available at Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, etc. for ~$100.


For a little added motivation, next week Jason Vale is putting on The Big Summer Juice Detox. Last year, over 28,000 people from 60 countries took part in the 7 lbs in 7 days challenge together (exactly what I’m doing right now). You can sign up online and get everything you need, including support, right from the website. At first I felt kind of disappointed that I didn’t know about it earlier so I could do it with the rest of the world… then I remembered that I’m halfway through 😉


Please let me know if you decided to incorporate some (or 7 days of) juicing into your summer! I’d love to support you in any way I can. If you have any questions you’d like covered in the recap post, leave them in the comments box 🙂

Happy Juicing!

Liz xo


12 thoughts on “Half Juiced: Cleanse Update!

  1. I have one question (kind of a strange one): does the sharpy wash off of your mason jar covers? I love labeling my jars but haven’t sharpied cause I’m scared it won’t come off lol

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  3. awesome job!!!!!! My first cleanse was tough, the first day I had a massive headache and a very runny nose so strange. Our bodies do such interesting things when releasing toxins. But you feel so light after it makes it all worth it. 🙂

    • Thanks! You were right about the first and last days… the last day was the hardest because I knew it was the end! I bet your nose was runny trying to eliminate some sort of toxins that found their way into your system and never had a chance to be relieved until the cleanse. So worth it when its over 🙂 My final recap will be up tonight!

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  6. A few questions: I am attempting the juice detox this week and I am also new to the vegetarian lifestyle. I am wondering where you get your fruits and veggies around the HRM? I am also interested to know where you got the green super food powder, spurlina, etc in the picture you posted and how did you know exactly what to get and how do you know when and how much to add these to your shakes?

    • Hey, that’s awesome news! I am actually living in Fredericton but I get all of my fruits and veggies at the Superstore or Sobeys. I also go to the farmer’s market or vegetable/fruit stands when I can but for the most part the local grocers sell a lot of local/organic food. I prefer organic but if it’s not a possibility I just peel or wash thoroughly.

      I bought the supplements at a local health food store, Aura, so the clerk could help me out. However, almost everything I needed was in the natural section at Superstore. In Halifax you can probably find them at The Healthy Bug.

      As for when to use the supplements, the plan I followed provided a shopping list and recipes that included how much of what supplements to use. The only way to get these recipes is to download the app or buy the book. The author did say you don’t necessarily need them if you are getting a wide variety of fresh, organic fruits and veggies but some people do find they need the extra energy boost from wheatgrass and superfoods.

      Hope that helps! If you have any other questions you can send me an email 🙂
      Good luck!

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