Fit Friday: Dumbbell Swings

So what if it’s been done?

It’s effective as hell and I want to make sure all of my followers know it! At home I do this move with a basic dumbbell because I don’t have a wide variety of equipment in my little apartment and I figure the majority of you don’t own a kettlebell or a sandbag either. At the gym, feel free to use whatever type of weight suits your fancy!


Fit Friday: Dumbbell Swings

AKA: Kettlebell swings, sandbag swings

Weight: 8-15 lb weight, depending on your fitness level. Remember, your shoulders need to take this weight too!

Reps: 3 sets of 12-15 incorporated into a circuit or as part of any workout.


1. Begin standing with feet hip-width apart, core engaged, weight in hands. Perform a squat.

July 12 006

2. Immediately return to standing by driving your heels into the floor and swinging the weight straight out in front of you.

July 12 008

That’s one rep. Repeat 12-15 times, gaining some momentum, but not enough to take the work out of your legs and shoulders. The weight should be heavy enough that a little momentum is required to perform this move.

More Fit Friday fun:

Have a fit weekend 😉

Liz xo


3 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Dumbbell Swings

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