Fit Friday: Damn Girl

Hey fit friends!

Welcome to the best day of the week! First off I want to tell you how excited I am to be featured in my friend Cat‘s August edition of Fit Friends. She’s a health and fitness inspiration and her blog is loaded with simple recipe ideas and sweaty workouts. Be sure to check out her page on your blog travels today.

Let’s kick off another fit weekend with this sweaty circuit I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Traveling Fit. It’s a variation of a workout I love from the Fitnessista called the Daaaamn Girl December Workout. That’s what people will be thinking when they see your results 😉


Fit Friday: Damn Girl

The gear:

  • 5-10 lb dumbells
  • bench or step

The method:

Perform this workout circuit style, trying not to stop between exercises. Rest for 45-60 seconds between rounds.

  1. 15 squat & press
  2. 15 burpees
  3. 15 lunge & bicep curl, each leg
  4. 15 staggered arm, one-legged push-ups*
  5. 15 bench step-ups, each leg (holding weights)
  6. 15 V-ups
  7. 15 oblique crunches, each side

*For the staggered arm push-ups, switch your leading arm and raised leg with each rep. for 15 total.

If you have any questions about any of the moves, check out the link above or leave a comment in the box.

Calais Gym

Want more Fit Friday?

Try adding these moves to your routine:

Or why not try out a killer HIIT workout, circuit style or via your favourite cardio equipment

Have a sweaty weekend 😀

Liz xo


6 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Damn Girl

  1. Awwwww, thanks for the shout out lovely lady! I appreciate that! I propose we just begin our take over of the East Coast Fitness World! 😉 I also just wrote down your fitness plan today and put it in my gym bag……def a great way to get a sweat on before the weekend officially begins!

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