La (en)Vie est Belle!

Exciting news…

I finally got to try enVie in Halifax!

I’ve been so excited since first hearing the news they’d be opening and our first attempt to try it was a fail… we were too early :/


It was so nice to dine at a place where I could eat anything on the menu. I didn’t have to ask any questions except for what our server would recommend because I could not decide! I first asked for the Quinoa burger but figured I could do  burgers in many non-veg places so I’d better get something special. I went for the seitan donair…

Seitan Donair

Wow… I haven’t had a donair since I was a teenager living at home when my mom and I would buy the do-it-yourself kits at the grocery store. It was my first time trying seitan and though it’s probably not something I’d make at home it was a nice treat 😉 Seitan is also known as wheat gluten and becomes surprisingly similar to the look and texture of meat when cooked. I’ve said before that I try to eat gluten-free most of the time but it’s not my priority.

My lovely lunch date ordered the daily special, kale mac n’ cheese , which I of course had to taste test and it was crazy good! He said he never would have known it wasn’t dairy based cheese. So there you go… straight from the mouth of a non- veg!

Mac n Chz

Now you know I wasn’t walking out of there without a dessert (or 2) because it’s not very often I get this kind of full experience 😉 I recently had chocolate torte at Nirvana in Fredericton so I went for the chocolate macaroons. Unfortunately I couldn’t wait to taste one before taking a pic hehe. I also got a carrot cake muffin for an afternoon snack later on. Sweet tooth = satisfied ❤


The next day I saw on their Facebook page that they had Tofu Benedict for their Sunday special. I was already wanting to go back!

Overall it was a great experience. It was a mid-sized venue with a bright, warm atmosphere. The place was full, even at 11:30, just half an hour after they opened. They are able to seat groups as well as couples and you can see into the kitchen where the food is prepped.  Also, the front entrance was filled with goodies for sale like kale chips, granola, biscotti, etc.

The menu is pretty small right now since they are just getting started and focus on local ingredients. However, I did notice a decent sized drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) & dessert menu which also changes often.


Though it’s a vegan restaurant, there is definitely something for everyone. There were meatless, non-dairy versions of a few classic dishes and of course their specials change daily. Mushroom “scallops” anyone?

Feeling satisfied, we made our way to Chester for a friend’s wedding (after I stopped at VS for a few things 😉 Umm 40% off swimwear? I had to!)

We didn’t have much time because Ryan and I are the kind of people who need to stop at roadside markets & yard sales and dilly dally on the scenic route. If you’ve never taken the old highway from Halifax to the south shore you need to add it to your bucket list. We got ready in record time and even got to test some beer from the taster packs I brought home from Maine last week.

photo 2

It was the perfect day for an outdoor wedding. The ceremony was down by the ocean and the dinner/reception were in the main building of the Oak Island Resort. I loved how the entire event was in one location so we could all relax & socialize down by the cottages while the wedding party did the picture thing.


The highlight of my night?! The bride & groom arranged for a few vegan/vegetarian meals which I had no idea they were doing. I had one of the most delicious vegan meals I’ve ever eaten out! It was a mushroom & potato pot-pie type of dish served with rice and a stuffed tomato. I was in my glory 😀

We had an awesome time at the wedding but Sunday is always a rough one when we have to get up and drive home… someone made it much better for me and took me to lunch at The Gazebo Cafe before we hit the road ❤

I tried the Peace Burger this time and had the avocado mayo subbed for their house hummus. Just what I needed to bring me around for a 5 hour drive 😉

photo 3

Being vegan outside the home can be challenging and I am feeling very blessed to have such a supportive community of family & friends. I ask my bf every now and then if I’m driving him crazy and he always says he’s fine as long as I’m happy. Keeper ❤

Stay tuned later this week for some Vanilla Almond Warrior Balls. They are a slight variation of the Cocoanut version but I think I like them better. And I’m a chocoholic!

Liz xo


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