September Is the New January

Hi Friends 🙂

How was your weekend? Hope you were as lucky in the weather department as us Maritimers! Friends from home were in town for a visit and we spent all weekend in the sun.

TreeGO was as cool as I expected and pretty challenging too. It was a little intimidating at first but once we got going it was a blast. The zip lines were by far my favorite part with the Tarzan ropes in a close second. It took about 3 hours total to complete, including the sign in process and demo course. It can probably be done in less time but there were groups leaving every hour and each group was full so we ran into a few bottleneck situations.

If you consider giving it a go I suggest taking a snack in your pocket and highly recommend you wear pants or crops… shorts aren’t very harness friendly 😉

Aug 22 013

The course was a workout for sure and were all a little sore the next day; mostly lower back and core from so much balancing. I hear the course in Moncton is even more intense so it’s on my summer ’14 bucket list!

Saturday night was drinks on our favorite patio, The Dip Pool Bar. I had the Leaves & Goat Cheese Salad (sans goat cheese & wonton crisps) and a side of sweet potato fries. A few Rickard’s White were in order as well 😉 Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of the 4 of us this weekend but our boys were looking pretty handsome!

The Dip

With August coming to a close, I want to share an inspiring idea with you this week. My BodyPump instructor said something in class on Monday that really stood out to me:

“September is the new January”.

Think about it… September is a significant transitional point in the year. We’ve all spent a large portion of our lives going “back to school” and continue to experience it once we have children or teacher friends, or become involved in the school system ourselves.

Aside from that, summer is still a state of mind. It’s prime vacation season, the workplace is a lot less hectic, and we are all indulging a little more in patio drinks & BBQ’s and working out a little less during hot weather & vacations.


When summer is over, it’s a similar feeling to when the holiday season is over only more integral when you really think about it. My instructor was right. September is the perfect time to revisit our goals & get back into a routine. I know I’m all about balance and staying on track for life, BUT I think a little summer relaxation is part of that balance and I am ready to refocus this fall as well.

January is a popular time to set goals because it’s a whole new year. But what about last January? What about this year’s new year’s resolution? Where do you stand with your 2013 goals? It’s not too late to make this YOUR YEAR. Why wait until another January when you have September right in front of you, presenting you the perfect window of opportunity before the holiday season is upon us?

We technically still have 3 weeks of the summer left but we all know Labour Day marks the end of our summer state of mind. So this week, I want you to think about your 2013 health & fitness goals and get your head back in the game. Let’s get serious for a few months so we can relax and enjoy the holidays guilt-free 🙂


Here are 3 goals I want to re-focus on this fall:

1. At least 2 weight-training sessions per week

I’ve been on my way to becoming a cardio bunny, choosing step class or yoga over weights. I don’t want to the lose the muscle definition I’ve gained and I still want to see these abs!

2. Less frequent “cheats”.

I’ve been choosing carby dishes over veggies & salads more often lately. I’ve also been having more drinks & dessert. Time to start cutting back on the indulgences.

3. Seasonal juice cleanse

I decided I would do this once per season. My first was the last week of June so I’m thinking a fall cleanse in last week of September.

4. This one is a secret for now…

Depending on how things go I will share it with you guys a little later 🙂

I’d love to hear what your September focus is. Share 3 goals with me and we will keep each other accountable. I will write a check-in post at the end of the month so you know I’m not slacking off either.

photo 2

Enjoy your last week of August but don’t be sad… it’s almost pumpkin season 😀

Liz xo


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