Happy “New Year”

Hey there 🙂

If you’re wondering why I’m wishing you a happy new year, rewind 3 posts ago to September Is the New January. Now that summer is coming to a close, it’s time to take back our 2013 goals before the holidays creep up. We all want to be able to enjoy that glass of wine or extra piece of pie so why not work hard now and enjoy the season guilt-free? 🙂

It seems WordPress hasn’t been publishing my last few posts in the Reader and I think it has something to do with the number of tags and categories I’ve been using. Apparently you are only allowed a maximum of 10 tags and categories total… crap!

So if you thought I’d been M.I.A. for the past couple of weeks, here’s what’s been going on:

My last long weekend of summer was spent on the South Shore visiting the bf’s family and a friend who was home from Toronto. The weather cooperated for the most part and we got to squeeze in one last round of the summer B’s: bonfires, BBQ’s, beers and boating 🙂


I am so lucky to get to share such an awesome group of family & friends with Ryan. Someone different accommodated us all three nights and everyone was so supportive of my veggie lifestyle. You know who you are… thank you all 🙂

I don’t go anywhere without a bag of food but it’s so nice when someone willingly makes Tofu at the family BBQ because they know you’re coming. Not to mention, Ryan’s bro’s gf is the bomb and always has a fridge full of dairy-free goodies like Earth Balance and Daiya cheese ❤ – Shout out to Amy C!

Sunday afternoon, Amy wanted to make banana loaf and we realized the recipe only needed 2 substitutions to make it vegan. Since she already had Earth Balance we picked up some egg-replacer (and dairy-free chocolate chips, of course) and whipped up the BEST banana bread ever.

Image 1

I had to send the last few slices to Moncton with Ryan or I would have eaten the whole loaf before tomorrow. Thank God it’s “New Year’s” 😉 I’ll share the vegan-version of the recipe later this week!

On the way home I had to drop Ryan off in Moncton for another week for work… sigh 😦 So we drove into town for dinner at a vegetarian restaurant I’ve been wanting to try called Calactus.

Image 3

I figured it would be good since the Yelp reviews were all great and they dated back as much as 4 years. The atmosphere was warm & inviting and there was a pretty big crowd. They have a decent sized menu with salads, “melts”, Indian dishes and mexican-inspired foods. I had the burritos (no cheese for vegan) and the bf had the thin-crust veggie pepperoni pizza. We both enjoyed our meals but I think he’ll be getting burritos next time 😉

Image 2

It was MUCH better than our last two Moncton dinner experiences… I was a happy veggie camper 🙂

So now that the long weekend is over and I’ve had my last hurrah in the summer-state-of-mind, I am SO ready to get back into my healthy routine. Bring on the whole foods. I plan to eat as clean as possible from here on out and limit myself to one “cheat” night per week. Here’s a preview of my meals and fitness for the upcoming week:

Gym Schedule:

  • Tuesday – BodyAttack
  • Wednesday – BodyPump or Step
  • Thursday – Weights
  • Friday – Hot Yoga
  • Saturday – BodyStep or Weights


I’m still hoping to hear from some more of you with your fall health & fitness goals! You can comment on this post or on September Is the New January and I will check in with you guys in a a few weeks. I shared my goals on the intro post so now I’m held accountable by everyone who follows me. Let’s do it!

Liz xo


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