Fit Friday: I’ve Got The Power Walk

Remember when I said 2 strength training sessions per week was one of my goals for September? Well I’ve been sticking to it and I’ve been SORE! But good sore loving it 😉

Yesterday I definitely needed a cardio day but I couldn’t make my usual BodyAttack or Step. I wanted to log at least 50 minutes so I hit the cardio room and here’s what happened:

1. Stairmaster

2. Treadmill

  • 20 minute power walk

Here’s how it ended:


My butt and legs are begging for a yoga day today 😉

Never underestimate the power of a fast, inclined walk!  I used to love running but I can’t get through 10 minutes now without shooting pains in my knees, followed by days of aching. Not worth it 😦 Yesterday my backside was too sore for any resistance cardio (biking, elliptical) so I opted for the power walk. It’s lower impact but still highly effective. I burned a load of calories and worked some muscles I forgot I had!

The 20 minute sequence of incline and speed changes is below in a printable, pin-able, or screenshot-able form. You can always adjust the speed or incline range to suit your requirements but you know what I have to say…

Be sure to challenge yourself 😉

Power Walk

For more Fit Friday fun check out the Fitness page!

Liz xo


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