Juice Cleanse 2.0

I must be crazy right?!

After my first juice cleanse in June, I decided I would do it again in the fall as per Jason Vale‘s recommendation to detox once per season.  I wasn’t 100% sure if I’d have the interest in a second round but I am far more ready than expected. Once a season actually seems to be perfect timing….

  • Juice cleanse 1.0 was the last week of June, just before summer when you want to lighten up before beach season.
  • Cleanse 2.0 is just after the summer, the season of beers and BBQs, and I feel like I need to flush the toxins I’ve thoroughly enjoyed over the past 3 months.
  • If I do a third and a fourth I will schedule them for just after the Christmas holidays and just after the winter hibernation months 😉 Perfect right?


If you’re wondering how the first cleanse went I posted beforeduring and after the program. Obviously it wasn’t all that crazy because here I am again!

The best part about round two: I have a cleanse buddy! My boyfriend is going to do JV’s 3 Day Detox. I will be doing the full 7 lbs in 7 days Super Juice Diet but depending on how he feels he may add an extra day or two.

We stocked our fridge for the next 3 days and bought a set of 1 L mason jars. I found my 500 mL jars weren’t big enough for most recipes. We will be making our breakfast, lunch, and midday juices the previous night since we both leave for work around 7ish for the day. The nutrients begin to break down once the produce is juiced but if you use air-tight jars and keep them refrigerated you can extend the juice life a little further.

IMG_1431 IMG_1430

Notice Ryan’s juices are cushioned in his cooler for biking to work (lol).

So you always have to go out with a bit of a bang before getting back on the wagon. We said goodbye to summer and hello to fall in St. Andrews By the Sea, one of the oldest national historic districts in the Maritimes.

IMG_1388 IMG_1395

We’ve been trying to plan a little getaway for a while now plus we had to celebrate Ryan’s job offer with NB Power 🙂 We made sure to fit in some good eats before the cleanse. The vegan options were pretty slim but most restaurants had a veggie burger on the menu.

IMG_1381 IMG_1383

For lunch we went to the Red Herring Pub and I got the veggie burger with a spinach salad. Dinner at Gables was linguine with marinara sauce and breakfast was Tim Horton’s but only because Honeybeans was out of vegan muffins. This cafe was amazing. They made coconut or soy milk lattes and yes, they had pumpkin spice! I guess I can’t complain 😉

It was nice to get away for a night and actually relax 100%. When I’m home I can always find something to do plus its a little more romantic to stay in a hotel and have a little date night 🙂

IMG_1403 IMG_1401

Can you believe difference in the view from our room at high tide vs. low tide?! Wow!

IMG_1397 IMG_1423

Stay tuned for a mid-cleanse update later this week and a recap of Ryan’s first juice detox. I’ll be sharing what I’m doing differently this time around and some of my favorite juice recipes. Until then, let’s hope we don’t kill each other in the meantime 😉 Kidding!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse?

Do you juice occasionally or regularly?

Liz xo


11 thoughts on “Juice Cleanse 2.0

    • The weekend is going to be tough for sure… My #1 suggestion is to basically clear your schedule. Don’t make plans where there will be food or drinks involved (I did that and it sucked) but keep yourself busy. I plan on doing lots of house cleaning and some shopping this weekend plus working at some projects I’ve been putting off like going through my closet. Get to bed early, sleep in, call your mom, and do yoga or other light exercise lol Let me know if you decide to do this! I will be super excited 🙂

      • You can always blend the ingredients and strain with a cheesecloth (or pillowcase). This would be the next best thing to a juicer if the Ninja is powerful enough to blend up hard veggies like beets. Otherwise you might prefer a smoothie detox like the 5 Day Body Reset where you just need a blender.

        The difference in juices and smoothies is the pulp which contains a lot of nutrients but doesn’t give the same detoxing effect. Juices can instantly go to work since there isn’t a heavy focus on digestion, etc. BUT smoothies are definitely a very close second. I would definitely recommend a smoothie detox vs. no detox at all 🙂

  1. Oh man – I did a 4 day juice cleanse at the beginning of the summer and it was SO HARD! Although I wasn’t as ambitious as you – I bought one through Catalyst. I might actually like making the juices myself better, although you must have spent an arm and a leg buying all those ingredients!! Good luck – I’m looking forward to hearing how you feel the second time around! xoxo Danielle

    • It’s definitely a challenge but I love how it makes me feel! I just looked into the Catalyst Cleanse and it looks like an awesome idea; convenient more than anything. I think the juices I’m drinking are a bit more filling with avocado and supplements added so you might find one of the Juice Master programs a bit more doable. I enjoy making the juice at home and it actually didn’t cost me more than my regular week of groceries. I eat a lot of fresh produce anyway and a few extra dollars on food = many dollars saved on healthcare 🙂

  2. Your mini vacation looks like so much fun! I love watching the difference between high tide and low tide. Good luck on the cleanse!

  3. Love this!! I am considering a cleanse for next week (after I celebrate my Bday this weekend lol). Thanks for the motivation!

    • Ah I would recommend this to anyone! I am on day 3 now and I feel so light and refreshed. You’ll have to post about your experience when you do it. I would love to read about it 🙂 PS Happy Birthday!:)

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