My Juicing Journey: Your Questions Answered

It’s over! My second 7 day juice cleanse has come to a close and I am feeling amazing 🙂

I received a crazy amount of questions from people via Facebook, Instagram, the blog, and just in daily conversation. I figure a lot of you have the same questions so I thought I’d do a FAQ post I can refer people to in the future. If you have any other questions leave a comment in the box or send me an email and I will add it to the post!

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1. What inspired you to start juicing?

I watched the documentary Hungry for Change which was my first real introduction to juicing. Kris Carr, one of my #1 inspirations, spoke on the documentary and I decided to buy her book Crazy, Sexy, Diet. I started “juicing” in a blender but when I came across the 7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet I decided to purchase a Breville juicer and try out a 7 day cleanse. I loved how I felt afterwards and now juicing is a regular thing for me several days a week.


2. Is the juicer necessary or can I just use a blender?

The juicer is necessary for a program like the Super Juice Diet because you’re juicing hard produce like raw beets. BUT for daily juicing, I would always recommend smoothies or blender juices over no juice at all! I’ve seen people use a cheesecloth or even a pillowcase to strain the pulp after blending the juice ingredients (blender juice). This way your body gets the instant energy of the nutrients from the juice without having to first focus on digestion (see #7).

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3. Can you recommend a cleanse that only requires a blender?

A friend of mine tried a program called the Body Reset Diet. There were 3 phases: phase one is five days, three smoothies, and two snacks then every phase you drop a smoothie and add a solid meal. After fifteen days, you get two free meals a week. I was told the snacks aren’t the “cleanest” because the book suggests foods like deli meats and crackers but you could always replace them with fruit/nuts/seeds/whole grains of the same calorie content.

Update (Jan 9, 2013): I recently discovered Dr Oz’s 3-Day Detox Cleanse. I haven’t personally tried this program but it has some great reviews, it doesn’t incorporate any solid foods (all smoothies), and it’s free! I encourage you to read the comments and reviews before deciding if its for you!

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4. How do I get started?

Buy some books. Visit some websites. Watch some documentaries. My recommendations are summarized at the end but anything you can find at the library or online will help. You don’t want to jump into a cleanse without knowing the facts. Otherwise your first attempt may result in failure and a negative outlook on juicing.

Buy a cheap juicer on Kijiji if you’re not 100% sure about it. If you want juicing to be part of your lifestyle, buy a good one! The better the juicer the more juice extracted from the produce. I bought my Breville Ikon on Amazon for $199 with free shipping. A much better deal than anywhere else I’ve looked.


5. Do you consume only juices or can I have coffee/protein shakes/alcohol on the cleanse?

Only the juices on the Super Juice Diet program. Caffeine, alcohol, and processed products are some of the major toxins you want to flush out. This isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about a healthier, more efficiently functioning body 🙂


6. What about protein?

I can’t speak for other programs but on the Super Juice Diet you are getting lots of protein, particularly from the spirulina and the yogurt. You aren’t getting your usual intake, however, so if you are trying to build muscle then I don’t recommend a 7 day cleanse BUT why would you if that’s the case? It’s only 7 days. Your body will not be negatively affected by the reduced protein. I still have a sweet bicep 😉

If you are concerned about your protein intake check out my post, But How Much Do I Need?

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7. What about fiber?

Removing the fiber from the produce is what makes the nutrients more readily available for your body to use. Without having to expend energy on digestion, or removing the toxins in your food, your body is able to focus on detoxifying itself from what’s been building up over time. However, many of the juices on the Super Juice Diet are then blended with avocado, a great colon detoxifier, so you aren’t fibreless for 7 whole days.

Smoothies are still amazing because they maintain the nutrients from the pulp, plus fiber is good for you! Simply blending produce into a liquid form makes it more easily digested plus its a super easy way to get your fruits & veggies! I try to juice at least 4 days a week and drink green smoothies for the rest. I also have have smoothies regularly for breakfast and snacks. Need some ideas? Check out my Smoothie of the Month link on the top right 😉

Here’s some more detailed info on juicing vs. blending:

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8. Are you hungry?

Sometimes within an hour of my next juice but it’s mostly mental. The juices are very filling and one juice is about 2 cups in size and they give you all the nutrients you need. Actually, on the 3 Day Detox you take in more live, uncooked genuine nutrition than the average person in Britain consumes during an entire month! (Jason Vale = British). It’s just weird weird to not perform the physical act of eating at meal times.

When I kept busy I didn’t think about hunger at all. Conversely, many people who have done this said they were too full to consume all 5 juices in a day! Crazy…


9. Do you actually lose 7 lbs in 7 days?

If you have the weight to lose then yes, possibly more! It depends on your size. A smaller person would probably lose 4-5 but would still reap the numerous benefits of detoxification (my focus). Some people even lose up to 7 lbs on the 3 Day Detox if possible. My bf lost 5 on his 3 day program.

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10. Is it expensive?

No more so than my usual grocery bill. Think of all the things I’m not eating: protein powder, nuts, dried fruit, oats, almond milk, bread, and for many people they’re also eliminating meat, cheese, & other dairy products; some of the most expensive items on a grocery bill! Yes I had to make that initial purchase of numerous apples and pineapples which seemed crazy at the time, but at the end of the program actually spent less than I would have during a regular week. Not to mention, the foods I normally use on a daily basis will be right there waiting for me when I finish this. The supplements were a bit pricey but some of what I bought in June lasted me through this cleanse as well.

This time I kept a closer eye on my grocery bills and it probably rounded out to be about $100 for the week (minus the supplements).


Resource Summary

*Check Netflix for the documentaries!

So that’s all I have for now. If you have anything you’d like me to add feel free to leave comments or email me and I will be happy to address them 🙂

Liz xo


12 thoughts on “My Juicing Journey: Your Questions Answered

      • Thanks! And even though I was eating Crunch Berries while I was watching it, I watched Hungry for Change last night. I also looked into Jamie Oliver’s website and recipes

      • I was actually sick in bed when I watched it ..eating chicken soup :O haha how ironic are we? But I haven’t been sick since the changes I made after that day 🙂

    • Let me know if you try a cleanse! I highly recommend the 3 day program too. My bf actually had some awesome results & it was a great kick start to his “getting back at it” as he says 😉

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  2. LOVE it! I gotta start a juice cleanse soon, I really just need to make the time for it! Thank you this was such a great post!!

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