My Holiday Vacation Plan of Attack

Good Morning!

Tomorrow is my last day of work before my Christmas vacation. I am super excited because
1. I’ve been saving up my vacation days all year for this
2. I love visiting our families and haven’t been “home” since last Christmas
3. I just love Christmas


For anyone who knows me, you know I’m a planner. I always have lists & alarms set in my phone. It keeps me from stressing when everything I need to do is right there on paper. I once heard this practice called “brain dumping” but I don’t think I’ll be adopting that term… lol

So of course I looked into the weeks ahead and made a tentative game plan to keep my health & fitness in check during my holidays. Yes I will have some wine & {vegan} sweets, and yes I will relax and enjoy myself. However, I cannot do those things and truly enjoy them unless I know I’ve been treating my body right beforehand.


We will be spending the first week of holidays in my bf’s hometown so I will be working out at the local YMCA. The plan is to always have a healthy breakfast, lunch, & snacks to allow flexibility at dinner & in the evenings.

If you’ve read The One Thing You Need for a Healthy Holiday Season you know how I approach dinners & parties, so when I mention my “food” plan, I’m sharing what foods I will be treating myself to or what I will contribute to dinners to be sure there’s at least one healthier, vegan option.

Saturday – Travel day

  • Food – Pack healthy snacks & meals for the road:
  • Fitness – OFF for travel

Sunday – Annual Family Christmas Cookie Bake 

  • Food – Taking the advice of Victoria to not snack while baking. I’m bringing recipes from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan and definitely enjoying a few when the baking is done!
  • Fitness – Morning booty workout via Ashlee

Monday – Regular day 

Tuesday – Christmas Eve

Wednesday – CHRISTMAS DAY!

Thursday – Boxing Day

  • Food- Regular eats
  • Fitness- Gym is closed; outdoor run.

Friday – Travel day to Cape Breton

…and we start all over again for week 2. Stay tuned for next week’s plan of attack on food & fitness!

Are you planning your indulgences wisely?

Will you schedule in your workouts or can you successfully play it by ear? 

Liz xo


6 thoughts on “My Holiday Vacation Plan of Attack

  1. Homemade vino? I’m jealous! 🙂

    You are so smart to plan everything out. It’s so easy to get off track when you travel and spend time with family, or at least, it is for me since no one is vegetarian or actually enjoys working out.
    I like that you’re planning your meals and snacks too. I’ve been looking for a good recipe to use my vanilla almond butter in so I might have to try those warrior balls!!

    • Mm yes my mom is quite the wine maker! And I’m in the same situation over here… I have to make a point of going out to the gym and having a healthy meal since I’m the only one who really prioritizes those things. Thankfully my family supports me and no one calls me crazy 😉

      Vanilla almond butter would make for delicious warrior balls! Let me know if you try them. Have a healthy, happy holiday season 🙂

      Have a healthy, happy holiday 🙂

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