Holiday Fitness Round-Up

merry fitness

Let’s all take some time to rest and enjoy each other’s company this holiday season, but at the same time let’s not forget about our fitness altogether. I usually do really well for one week but if I’m off for two… well, things tend to get a little lax.

Thankfully I prepared a list of holiday workouts so I’m never without a plan during my vacation! I’ll be busting out some of these in my mom’s basement & at various gyms across the province. Pin or screenshot some of these now so you don’t fall off the wagon between Christmas & New Year’s!

1. Elf 4 Health Tabata from Nutty for Life 

Confession: I’ve never tried a tabata workout until this one! I think I found a new love…


2. Triple Threat Holiday Circuit from Slim Sanity

If you follow my Fit Friday posts, you know I love Alysia’s workouts. I’m sure this circuit won’t disappoint 😉

triple threat full body holiday circuit

3. Frost HIIT from Fitnessista

This is the perfect at-home workout: 100% bodyweight! No excuses!


4. Medicine Ball Ab Attack by 9toFit

For those of you who hate doing ab work (that’s you, Cat!), just check out Elise‘s rock hard abs an you’ll be motivated to do this workout! Switch up the medicine for a weight if you don’t have one.

medicine ball pro ab workout

5. Holiday Butt Blaster by Olive to Run

Legs & butt are my favourite muscles to work, especially when I’m pressed for time. These big muscle groups give the best bang for your sweaty buck, burning loads of calories and getting your heart rate up.


6. Sweatin’ Under The Mistletoe by Hol-Fit

A great mix of cardio and strength to get your heart rate pumping. Check out the link for some tips on making a healthy holiday game plan.

hol-fit holiday workout

7. Fit and Fab Holiday Workout by This N That Cat

Every workout I’ve tried from Cat has been ridiculous. They always look a little easier than they actually are so I end up working harder than planned 😉

This n that Cat workout

8. Hot Holidays Super Sweaty Workout buy PB Fingers

I’m sweating just looking at this one. You can perform the first box in sequence followed by the second, or alternate between the two. Try not to rest for more than 10 seconds between exercises and lift heavy to burn major calories and get back to enjoying the holiday fun 😉


Now it’s off to the gym to bust out one of these gems!

Merry Fitness my friends 🙂

Liz xo


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