Fit Friday: Leg Death

Happy Holidays 🙂

Did you all make it through Christmas alive?!

I’m sure more than most of us had one too many cookies (or one too many glasses of wine), so how about a killer leg workout to kick a few a lot of those Christmas calories and make room for some New Year’s indulgences?


When I say killer, I mean this workout will leave you spent. You know that feeling when you leave the gym and you know you worked hard? Yeah, you know. And you know its the best!

But don’t be intimidated… You can tame it down with lighter weights (I lift heavy) or fewer reps to make it your own. On the other hand, if you want to seriously kick your own butt today, go all out!

Leg Death

*Note: For moves like lunges, do 10-12 reps on EACH leg.

For more workouts to get your sweat on over the holidays check out yesterday’s Holiday Fitness Round-Up. None of these bloggers will go easy on you!

Liz xo


10 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Leg Death

  1. This looks like a great one! Not going to lie, legs aren’t my favorite but that means I should probably be doing this more! And lunges are going to be the death of me. Book marking this!

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