Reflections & Resolutions

It’s New Year’s Eve!

And the first NYE I’ve spent in Cape Breton in so long. The past 4 years we’ve been sharing the holidays between my home and my bf’s home on opposite ends of the province but we’ve never spent New Year’s here. We don’t have anything crazy planned, just drinks & dancing with my parents, but its nice to have a little extra time at home 🙂


Like most people, this time of year has me reflecting on the events of the past year and making resolutions for the upcoming one. In 2014 I want to make some commitments I can see through. Last year, I decided it was the LAST year I would make weight-loss or dieting a resolution. I said I would reach my goal weight once and for all and it would be my healthiest year yet. And it was!

I am really proud of my 2013 and what I’ve accomplished. Here are the some of the health and fitness related highlights of my best year yet:

2013 highlights

1. Going Veg

On January 4, 2013 I watched Vegucated (available on Netflix). I vowed that from that moment on I would be vegetarian and made it my 2013 resolution to become mostly vegan within the year. I would say I officially decided to quit all animal products on April 1 but took it slow and wasn’t too hard on myself when I had “accidents”.

I don’t miss a single thing about my pre-veg life and I’ve learned so much about the close relationship between health & food. I also found a new love for cooking. I never thought I’d be asking for kitchen gadgets for Christmas!


2. Reaching my goal weight

My second resolution of 2013 was to reach my goal weight once and for all. I didn’t have a lot to lose but it was enough to keep me yo-yo dieting. I finally live the balanced healthy lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of where I eat cookies without guilt and exercise daily without excuse! Check out my post Getting There for tips on how to finally reach your goal.

3. Falling in love with juicing

After reading Crazy, Sexy, Diet I decided I wanted to do some type of cleanse but never thought I was capable of a 7-day juice cleanse. I decided I would buy a juicer and start juicing as part of my daily routine and it wasn’t long before I decided I was ready for a full cleanse. It was a Sunday afternoon in June and was headed to the grocery store and decided I was going to buy what I needed for the first 3 days of Jason Vale’s 7 lbs in 7 days program. The first few days went well so I kept going and I finished it. Then I did it again in September! Now I juice regularly for the health benefits and have a 3 day cleanse planned for January. For more on my juicing journeys check out the new Juicing page.

photo 2

4. Discovering the green smoothie

I was never big on smoothies until I started the Fitnessista‘s Smoothie a Day challenge in May. I decided I would replace breakfast with a smoothie for one month. I guess I fell in love with this too because I had breakfast smoothies every morning until the end of October! Somewhere along the challenge I tried a few green smoothies and realized it was the most delicious way to pack extra nutrition into my day.

Interested in a 30-day smoothie challenge? Check out Simple Green Smoothies for a schedule, recipes, tips & more. Also, check out my smoothie of the month features for more delicious recipes (link on right side bar of home page).

photo 4

5. Starting this blog

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I love everything about health & fitness and when I’m really excited about something I just can’t help but to share it! Though it’s just a small blog that I update as a hobby, I put my whole heart into these posts. I’ve said from the beginning, “If one of my posts can inspire just one person to live a healthier lifestyle then my intentions have been met”.

The blog is a way for me to keep myself accountable as well as motivate others by being a relatable source of information. When I see someone I know achieving their goals, it inspires me to believe I can reach mine too.

6. Incorporating yoga

I always thought yoga was a waste of time. I thought if I was going to put an hour into working out, it had to be intense, sweaty and challenging. Little did I know, hot yoga is all of these things. I prefer a flow or Vinyasa style yoga but still enjoy something less intense for a recovery day. I’ve been going once a week for several months now but would like to take a 30 day challenge in the new year. I want to get really good at arm balances!

As much as I love yoga for the physical challenge, I love how I feel mentally and emotionally after practice. I am kind of a high-stress person and yoga helps to bring me back down.

photo 2

7. Changing my focus

I truly believe the major turning point in my wellness journey was when my focus changed from weight-loss to health. I no longer count calories but focus on nutrition. I take a holistic approach to my health, ensuring my body is nourished with the best possible fuel I can get my hands on. If you want to reach your goals one and for all, focus on health first and the rest will fall into place ❤

If you’re thinking about your own resolutions, I encourage you to think outside of the usual weight-loss or diet-related box. Commit to something like volunteering more or keeping your closet organized. For health related goals commit to eating more fresh produce and eating less refined sugar. To increase the odds of success, put a number on it. For example, volunteering once per month or replacing 1 snack per day with fruit or veggies.

photo 1

My 2014 resolutions, some health-related, some not:

  1. Take a 30-day yoga challenge
  2. Cleanse once per season
  3. Start playing guitar again
  4. Think before speaking & listen more intently.
  5. Compete in Mudd, Sweat & Tears, Saint John
  6. Maintain bodyweight & continue to grow in knowledge/experience of holistic health & wellness!

What are some of your 2013 highlights?

Have you thought about 2014 resolutions yet?

Liz xo


11 thoughts on “Reflections & Resolutions

    • Thank you Laura! Yes that is my beautiful mom 🙂 Love visiting her down here. Looking forward to 2014 myself and can’t wait to hear more about your marathon training. All the best in 2014!

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  2. Loved this post 🙂 Some of my intentions for 2014 include:

    – Plan out my yoga teacher training (it likely won’t happen in 2014, but I’d like to nail down a location and possible date, etc. to look forward to and save up more $$)

    – Write down at least 3 things I’m grateful for each day

    – Do a journal entry once a week

    – Do hot yoga atleast 3x a week (hopefully a 30 day challenge somewhere too!)

    – Make a better effort to cut out the occasional dairy product and move more towards a true vegan diet

    – Read 1 book a month

    – Make a vision board

    Happy New Year Elyse 🙂

    • Those are some great intentions for the New Year. I love the idea of journaling. It’s a good way to be present and reflective on a daily basis (which I need to focus more on!) Looking forward to hearing more about your yoga/vegan journey and I think you’ll make a GREAT yoga teacher someday 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year to you!

    • Ah Colleen I feel the same! I love following you and love that our paths have crossed via the blog world 🙂 Can’t wait to see where 2014 takes our health & fitness!

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