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Hey friends 🙂

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! I am feeling finnne after a 3-day juice detox and a weekend filled with blissful, sweaty hot yoga. I committed to 30 days of yoga with Miss Georgia Brown for #jumpstartjanuary and so far I’m loving it!


I can’t believe how sore my muscles are. I said it before and I’ll say it again, hot yoga is a killer workout! I wore my polar for my first yoga class and burned 300 calories in an hour. I tried wearing it for hot flow but got too sweaty and the monitor kicked out 😐 I’m going to give it another go this week at power flow… what do you guess my burn will be?

My yoga challenge couldn’t have started at a better time. Ryan suggested the two of us plan a 3-day detox for the weekend we returned from our holidays. I’ve completed two 7-day cleanses last year so I figured a 3-day program was just what I needed this time around.

What better way to promote a detox than pouring out buckets of sweat?


I am SO glad we decided to do the cleanse on a weekend because it was much easier being able to drink all of our juices fresh. It was also nice being on the same program as Ryan so we could suffer together support each other 😉

We followed Jason Vale’s 3-Day Detox program since he’s my fave and Ryan did this cleanse in the fall when I did the 7 lbs in 7 days program.

So… thoughts on the 3-day vs. the 7-day program?

Image 3

– Hunger: The juices/smoothies were much bigger, some using a whole avocado, so I felt more satisfied after a meal. However, there are only 4 juices per day vs. 6 so it sometimes felt like a long stretch between juices. We both felt a little hungry at times during the second day but the last day was a total breeze.

– Fave Recipes: The juices were just as delicious as those on the 7-day. Ryan and I agreed the recipe we would probably keep in our regular routine is the H2O detox. It had juiced apple, beet, pineapple & lemon, blended with water to fill a 1 L bottle. It would make an awesome recovery drink after or during a workout.


– Symptoms: Ryan had a headache from day 1 through day 2. He also couldn’t seem to get enough water. I didn’t have any detoxing “symptoms” but our holiday diets were very different 😉 I definitely indulged in my fair share of {vegan} cookies & wine but kept my balance for the most part.

– Results: First off, I did not do this cleanse with the intention of losing weight. I wanted to detox my body of the sugar, alcohol, and other toxins I allowed myself to enjoy during the holidays, my birthday, and other events during the fall. However, I did see an average weight-loss of 1 lb per day during the cleanse. Ryan had amazing success again, losing about 7 lbs.

carrot beet ginger

– Advice*: Want to know how to get started on a juice cleanse? Check out my new Juicing page for recaps of my previous cleanses, my favourite recipes & some FAQ. Jason Vale is hosting the World’s Biggest Juice Detox from January 13-17th. Why not jump on board with thousands of people around the world for a 5-day cleanse?

*Please talk to a licensed medical doctor before making any major dietary or fitness changes. 


As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email at, through Facebook, or just leave a comment below. I love hearing from readers & friends 🙂

Are you into any form of detoxing?

How are getting your body moving for #JumpStartJanuary? Use the Hashtag to join in on Twitter & Instagram!

Liz xo


14 thoughts on “Detox & Yoga

  1. That H2O juice sounds amazing. You’re a rockstar. Do you think it’s possible to do a detox with a smoothie diet instead of juice? I don’t have a juicer, just a magic bullet, but really want to take part in a challenge like this (I’m thinking first few days of February…)

  2. Good luck detoxing and doing all that yoga! I’m jealous of the experience you will have. Hopefully you will incorporate yoga more after the 30 days into your life…it is a miracle worker ❤

    • Hey, good for you! I haven’t tried the 5 day yet but I bet the recipes are just as delicious as the 3 and the 7 day programs. My best advice is to keep busy and keep your mind off food. More than half the battle is mental so keep reminding yourself why you want to finish. I wrote a lot about my experiences and you can find all of the posts linked up on my Juicing page!

      I Just followed your blog – love the name 🙂

    • It’s not for everyone and I certainly surprised myself when I discovered how much I love it! But I think you’ve got it figured out- a consistently healthy diet is the #1 key to success above all 🙂

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