Yoga, Beer & Balance

It’s going to be a FABulous February!

First of all, its the month of love ❤ It’s also my favourite guy’s bday & my girl Meag is home for 2 weeks! We had a great weekend together, hanging out and spending money doing girl stuff and this weekend we will be celebrating her birthday with dancing, drinks & vegan cupcakes 😀

Speaking of cupcakes, let’s talk about your 2014 resolutions (did you think I’d let you forget so fast?) Now that #JumpstartJanuary has come to an end, I hope you aren’t starting to stray from your commitments. I’ve said it a million times before, you don’t need a new year, a new week, or a new day to make a change. There is nothing any different about the first of February than the first of January when it comes to setting & achieving your goals.

jump-start january 2

Whether it’s health, fitness, personal, or career-related, do something today to take a step in the direction of achieving your goals. It could be as simple as getting up 10 minutes early or swapping your muffin for a green smoothie.

Make. It. Happen.

Because you’re worth it!

End rant 🙂

So my January was pretty amazing. I completed a 30 day yoga challenge which was actually 32 days since it ran from Jan 3 – Feb 3. I only missed 1 day out of the first 30 to attend the BodyAttack new release. I tried every class at Moksha Yoga (except Barre) and loved them all but my favourite is definitely Hot Flow. I love the quick-pace & challenging poses.

photo 2

I can officially say I moved my body every day in January which was our intention for JSJ when Georgia and I teamed up for the challenge. I loved finally getting to meet Georgia and enjoyed sharing the challenge with the lovely Brittany from My Own Balance. I had no idea she was going to be doing her own Jumpstart January series of posts but she did an awesome job sharing tips & workouts throughout the month to motivate others to get back on track with her in the New Year.

To keep the motivation rolling, I signed up for Brittany’s Find Your Balance February challenge via Challenge Loop. The only requirement is to do ONE thing each day during the month of February to work towards a healthier lifestyle. The details on how to sign up and participate are outlined in her post.

This balance-focused challenge couldn’t have come at a better time.

I was beginning to burn myself out with 6 days of group-ex classes and weight training last fall. I was also counting calories and macronutrients and driving myself crazy. I let go a little over the holidays, maybe a bit more than I wanted to,  and  I was totally surprised when I returned home to find… Nothing! Not a single extra pounds on my hips, rear or thighs (lol).

what to my wondering eyes

Mind you, I didn’t go eating everything in sight. I stopped eating when I was full and incorporated salads into most meals, but I happily indulged wine & beer, cookies & chips, and a few very fun late nights. Despite not writing down each morsel of food and being off my strict schedule, the world did not end.

So this past month I decided to do a little experiment. What if I didn’t do 6 days of crazy workouts and tried this yoga thing… What if I just ate when I felt hungry even if it was more calories than I allotted for? What if I just focused on eating a variety of healthy foods, mainly plant-based whole foods, but didn’t stress over a night of beer & appetizers with friends?

Games and Dip

And guess what happened…. nothing!

Nothing, except that I was way more relaxed and enjoyed the past month more than I’ve enjoyed myself in a long time.

I seem to flow in and out of this “balanced lifestyle” concept; feeling good for some time then feeling compelled to find that rigid structure again. But I think finding your balance takes time and experience. It takes trial and error and you have to experience both sides; balance and instability.

During Find Your Balance February I will be trying to keep my January mindset. Yes I want to be “on track” and treating my body to the next level kind of health it thrives on (kefir, anyone?), but I will be slowing down by keeping 2-3 days of yoga in my week, and enjoying my beer guilt-free.

I encourage you to sign up for the challenge and work toward finding your balance as well!

photo (10)

This month I will be keeping it clean for the most part during the week and saving my indulgences for the weekend (unless something fun comes up, of course). Like I said, this weekend is Meagan’s birthday and I am 110% percent positive there will be cupcakes.

In addition to 2-3 days of yoga, I will be getting back into BodyAttack once a week with 1-2 days of strength training and/or other cardio depending on my schedule. I will still be moving my body 5-6 days a week but I won’t be pushing myself to exhaustion. I never want to dread my workout. I love to love fitness!

So who’s with me? Find your balance, choose health, enjoy life ❤

End second rant 😉

Liz xo


15 thoughts on “Yoga, Beer & Balance

  1. I loved this post, btw! Love how it was super long, too 🙂

    Congratulations on the 30-day challenge! Seriously, that takes major commitment and you definitely accomplished what you set out to do !!

    Guess who just signed up for Find your Balance February?

    Pumped! I have a very ambitious month of fitness planned!

    Ps. I hit a wall last week where I sat down, binge ate and came to the conclusion that I can no longer over-exert so much on my body.

    • So glad to have you along for the FBF challenge! I love having something like this with a support system to keep me accountable 🙂 Its true that pushing ourselves to the max will result in retaliation from our bodies. If I deny myself a treat I will eventually eat an entire chocolate bar… oops! Here’s to finding out balance this month and kicking the yoyo’ing for good!

  2. I’m so happy you are taking the Find Balance February challenge! I loved doing Jumpstart January with you! I think yoga is so amazing for the body and mind and I’m so happy it worked so well for you in January that you are going to continue with it!!!

    • I’m so happy I have yoga in my life now too 🙂 It’s changing me from the inside out! I’m already feeling motivated by all of the check-ins on the challenge loop page and I’m happy to be joining you for FBF! There’s nothing like group support for accountability 🙂

    • Thank you so much!!! Balance, as simple as it sounds, it one of the biggest challenges I’ve had but the more I practice balance the happier I am 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying a balanced, happy life too!

  3. I was attracted to this post because Yoga and Beer were both in the same title…I couldn’t turn away.

    I completely agree – balance is key. I cannot completely cut out all the “bad things” in life…everything in moderation, right? Hope you enjoyed your night with friends (with Cards Against Humanity it’s hard not to enjoy yourself, am I right?)…Good for you that you found your balance. I’m still working on mine, but slowly getting there!

    • Omg… Cards Against Humanity! lol I still can’t believe it exists.

      Glad you were drawn to the post. Sounds like we might have a few things in common 😉 I was very drawn to your post on things we shouldn’t give a you know what about… an extra drink or a few hours of lost sleep are definitely on that list!

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