8 Chocolatey Love Day Recipes <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!:)

I totally love this day!! Ever since I was a little girl and my very first Valentine was my mom, she always did something special for breakfast and had some chocolates & a little gift waiting for me when I woke up. You don’t need extravagant plans with a significant other to spread love today. Don’t ruin the fun by boycotting Valentine’s Day just because it’s “a day to promote consumerism”.


Here’s what I had to say about the day of love on my Facebook today:

I don’t care that Valentine’s Day is a made up, commercialized Hallmark holiday. Guess what? So is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Secretary’s Day, etc. Would you boycott Mother’s Day too…? Why can’t we take one day to drop our ordinary routines and do something extra special with someone (anyone!) we love? 

You have to make your own happiness. Why not just accept this day as an excuse to dine out, eat chocolate for breakfast, and give someone a pretty card? You don’t need to spend a tonne of money or do something extraordinary. Just be happy. Wear red. Eat candy. Say I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL of my amazing family & friends. I can’t name everyone but you know who you are ♥♥♥

I hope you all agree 🙂


Something I do have to say about traditional Valentine’s Day gifts is that those heart shaped boxes of chocolates are usually pretttty unhealthy. Now, I know a day like today isn’t about being “healthy” but I because I feel so strongly about food and how it fuels out bodies, our lives, I prefer to say I love you with homemade, plant-based treats as much as possible.

I can’t feel good about saying “I love you, but here’s a bag of high fructose corn syrup that has been linked to diabetes, heart problems, and other health concerns”. Not at all…

Here’s a little compilation of some sweet treats you can feel good about this Valentine’s Day!

8 Chocolatey Love Day Recipes ❤

Chocolate Rice Crispy Squares via Georgia Trying Something New (from The Kind Food Diet)

rice crispy squares

My FAVOURITE Peanut Better Balls from Oh She Glows


Crockpot Chocolate Almond Bark from Hol-Fit

crockpot almond bark

Basic Chocolate Cupcakes via Lizzie Fit (from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World)

photo 5

Double Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream from Hummusapien

dble choc avo ice cream

For the single ladies: Healthy Birthday Valentine’s Day Cupcake for One from Lizzie Fit


Basic Chocolate Covered Strawberries (or pretzels, orange slices, etc.)

Melt some dark chocolate in a pot with a little coconut oil. Dip your strawberries or other fruit/pretezels in the chocolate then transfer to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Refrigerate until set then enjoy 🙂


Three-Ingredient Cookies from Skinny Taste

3-ingredients cookies

More great round-ups can be found all over the blogosphere today! I suggest checking out Hummusapien and Oh She Glows for desserts and Making Thyme for Health and I Heart Vegetables for some vegan vegetarian dinner ideas.

What are you doing to spread love this Valentine’s Day?

Will you be making some heart-healthy treats? 

Happy Love Day Ya’ll ❤

Liz xo


12 thoughts on “8 Chocolatey Love Day Recipes <3

  1. I completely agree with you! I love Valentine’s Day. It’s nothing we celebrate in an extravagant way, just cards and a nice dinner. It’s lovely to take one day and focus on the people you care about. And thanks for sharing all these recipes! I definitely will be checking out those peanut butter balls!

    • Yay I’m so happy it seems like more people are with me than against me 🙂 haha And those peanut better balls…. oh my god. I made them at Christmas and they were a major hit with everyone! I couldn’t get enough of them 😀

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